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We defend the rights of our clients in criminal matters–investigations, plea negotiations, trials and appeals in state courts throughout Oklahoma and federal courts nationwide.  Our clients include individuals, corporations and institutional clients. We know the damage that can be caused by an indictment or criminal charge–especially to the innocent.


When you cannot afford to lose your freedom, your reputation, your business, or even your life, call the Wyatt Law Office.

Your future is our business.
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Award-winning lawyers and litigators in Oklahoma City and Tulsa. Bob Wyatt was named by Best Lawyers in America as “LAWYER OF THE YEAR” in Oklahoma City for Criminal Defense: Non-White Collar (2015 & 2013) and Criminal Defense: White Collar (2014). (See, Best Lawyers in America®). Mr. Wyatt has also been recognized by Best Lawyers since 2007, by Super Lawyers® since 2006, and AV-Rated® for trial skills and ethics by Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory® since 1999. The Wyatt Law Office is a Tier 1-rated law firm by U.S. News & World Report/Best Lawyers — Best Law Firms®. On April 20, 2015, Bob Wyatt was among 43 lawyers and judges recognized with the Oklahoma National Memorial’s Reflections of Hope Award for their part is seeking justice in the Oklahoma Bombing twenty years earlier.

Clint James was named in 2015 and 2017 as a Rising Star by Oklahoma Super Lawyers. Mr. James is humbled by this recognition by his peers and the editors of Super Lawyers.


A winning
The Wyatt Law Office with locations in Oklahoma City and Tulsa devotes its practice to providing legal advice and representation in criminal investigations, grand jury investigations, plea negotiations, trials, sentencing issues, appeals and expungement of criminal records.  We use only experienced attorneys and investigators in our law practice. You can trust the advice of your Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers and Attorneys. When you need the best representation, you should call the Wyatt Law Office. We don’t take cases to lose.  We will devote our full resources and experience to your case in order to reach the best resolution possible.

“The Wyatt Law Office is a boutique law firm engaged in criminal defense. While we are a small firm, we are very successful in both federal and state court criminal and white collar matters. Some of the big firms may have a white collar department or dabble in criminal defense, but that is all we do. At the Wyatt Law Office, you get experienced lawyers working the case day-in and day-out. We aren’t afraid to get our hands dirty. We role up our sleeves to work with you and to defend you.

Don’t overlook our powerful team just because we are small. We’ll put our talent against any others. Our results speak for themselves.”

Bob Wyatt, managing partner.


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OKC & Tulsa
We now offer two locations for your convenience. Whether you need us in the Eastern, Northern or Western Districts of Oklahoma, we are prepared to represent you. We routinely appear in the Oklahoma City and Tulsa metro areas and surrounding counites; however, we have appeared all over the State and in all federal courts in Oklahoma.

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    Our cases involve criminal matters, civil matters, regulatory and administrative matters, and professional license issues.  Most of our resources are devoted to the practice of criminal law (approximately 95%).


    Because of the demand for our services outside of the criminal law arena, we are now representing selected clients in serious civil litigation such as bet-the-company actions, bad faith insurance claims, professional licensing issues (for doctors, lawyers, insurance agents, funeral directors, insurance agents, and other regulated parties), civil rights, qui tam, whistle-blower actions, False Claims Act cases, and other matters that might involve the loss of one’s fortune, freedom or life, or involve serious matters of public welfare, public reform, protection of our democratic way of life and protection of our government’s resources. Often we are brought into these actions by other firms to assist in the trial aspects.  If we are the original counsel, we may associate with other counsel on these unique projects to give you the best resources possible.  If we cannot help you, we’ll get you to the right people.


    Types of cases involve: wrongful death, brain damaged baby cases, semi-truck accidents, auto accidents & car wrecks, medical malpractice, nursing home negligence, construction accidents, jail deaths & injuries, products liability, civil rights violations, legal malpractice, accounting malpractice, and other injuries to your person, property or business.  We often work with other law firms on these unique projects.  If we cannot help you, we’ll get you to the right people.




    Wyatt Law Office in Oklahoma City

    Lawyer of the Year. Best Lawyers in America honored Bob Wyatt in both 2013 and 2015 as Oklahoma City’s Criminal Defense: NON-WHITE COLLAR Lawyer of the Year and in 2014 as Criminal Defense: WHITE COLLAR lawyer of the year.


  • Antitrust Crimes
  • Appeals, Writs & Other Extraordinary Criminal Actions
  • Arson & Burning
  • Assault & Battery
  • Asset Seizure & Forfeiture
  • Burglary
  • Child Abuse
  • Child Pornography & Sexual Exploitation of a Child
  • Computer and Internet Crimes
  • Conspiracy Crimes & Charges
  • Drugs & Narcotics Crimes
  • DUI, DWI & APC — Alcohol Offenses
  • Embezzlement
  • Expungement
  • Extortion & Blackmail
  • Federal Crimes
  • Frauds & Swindles
  • Gambling & Gaming Crimes
  • General Criminal Law
  • Grand Jury Practice
  • Healthcare Fraud
  • Highway Drug Interdiction & Seizure
  • Human Trafficking
  • Identity Theft
  • Juvenile & Youthful Offender Charges
  • Kidnaping
  • Larceny
  • Mail Fraud & Wire Fraud
  • Mortgage Fraud
  • Murder, Manslaughter & Homicide
  • Plea Negotiations & Plea Bargains
  • Public Corruption & Bribery
  • Rape & Rape by Instrumentation
  • Robbery
  • Search & Seizure Challenges
  • Sex Crimes
  • Sexual Battery
  • Shaken Baby Cases
  • Shooting, Weapons & Firearms Charges
  • Stalking & Harassment
  • Tax Crimes
  • Terrorism, Sabotage & Hoaxes
  • Theft & Property Crimes
  • Violent Crimes
  • White-Collar Crimes


    Victories &
    Below is a sampling of victories in state and federal courts. There are many other victories and many other cases where charges were avoided before being filed.  This is merely a representative sample of cases over the past few years. For more results, visit our VICTORIES page. Results may vary in any given case because each case must be decided on its own unique facts and the law applicable in that given case.  We give each client the presumption of innocence and fight for our clients by devoting our education, experience and other resources.

    •  Client released from pre-trial custody over U.S. Attorney’s objection after 3-hour preliminary hearing and detention hearing. Charges involve allegations of distribution of drugs, conspiracy, use of weapons in distribution of drugs, etc.*

    •  Client released from federal custody after drug conviction based on federal habeas corpus filed by Wyatt.  New trial granted.*

    •  First degree murder case involving confession settled with 10 years to serve and 30 years on probation.  Before preliminary hearing, client faced punishment range of life, life without parole or death. After preliminary hearing and motions and just before trial, case settled for plea to murder in the second degree.*

    •  Felony bribery of state agent reduced to misdemeanor and one year probation.*

    •  First degree burglary, domestic assault, and assault and battery case settled with misdemeanor deferred sentence after preliminary hearing.*

    •  Lewd molestation of a minor child dismissed at preliminary hearing.*

    •  Police officer investigated for obtaining drugs by fraud.  Charges averted after intervention by Wyatt Law Office.*

    •  Embezzlement from corporation settled with pre-trial diversion (i.e., no charges filed).*

    •  Federal gun charge not guilty verdict. Client found guilty of related drug charge, but by going to trial, we saved a possible stacked sentence of not less than 15 years more.  Drug conviction on appeal based on motion to suppress evidence.*

    •  Police officer charged with felony distribution of drugs.  Client was bound over for trial at preliminary hearing, but case dismissed by district judge after pretrial motion to dismiss.*

    •  Split Verdict — Not Guilty on 44 counts in police corruption allegations.  Before trial, the judge merged four of the perjury charges into other counts and dismissed a bribery count during trial. After a three-and-a-half week federal jury trial in Tulsa, Officer Jeff Henderson was found not guilty of 44 counts of drug possession and distribution, use of a firearm during commission of a crime, witness tampering, perjury and subornation of perjury, conspiracy, and criminal violations of civil rights.   However, the jury found Mr. Henderson guilty of two misdemeanor criminal violations of civil rights and guilty on the remaining six counts of perjury. Wyatt will appeal Henderson’s convictions.  (See Tulsa World for articles.)*

    •  Federal drug case dismissed.  After Wyatt’s defense investigation of federal drug charge involving allegations that the client possessed 11 pounds (5 kilos) of meth with intent to distribute, government dismissed rather than face trial.*

    •  Drug Evidence Suppressed in Federal Court.  Wyatt and Scott Graham teamed up arguing and convincing the federal court to suppress evidence obtained after a “routine” traffic stop pursuant to an open air drug dog sniff search. During an illegal search, Troopers found 3,000 Oxycontin pills, multiple fake I.D.s, fake prescriptions, and over $17,000 cash.  All evidence suppressed and case dismissed.*

    •  Federal White Collar Charges Dismissed.  Client charged with conspiracy to defraud investors in an alleged $1.2 million advance fee scheme.  At a “James” hearing to determine scope of conspiracy, Wyatt showed that government had no proof against his client.  Government counsel agreed to dismiss the charges against Wyatt’s client; all other defendants still facing charges.*

    •  Minimal Punishment after guilty verdict for child sexual abuse.  Grandfather charged with sexually abusing grandchild.  Jury returned guilty verdict but recommended only 2 years imprisonment.  Client faced up to life in prison.*

    •  Not Guilty verdict for felony Assault & Battery with a deadly weapon (punishable by up to 10 years in prison), but jury found client guilty of misdemeanor for reckless use of a firearm.*

    •  Regulatory Hearing Relief Granted — Because of confidentiality of allegations and hearing, facts cannot be disclosed. However, “professional” client not sanctioned and retained license after non-jury hearing.*

    •  Federal charges avoided for killing bald eagle and for possession of eagle feathers and claws after counsel involved in federal investigation.*

    •  Minimal Punishment for Federal  Antitrust Price-Fixing Charge.  Client accused of orchestrating gasoline price-fixing scheme with volume of commerce in excess of $5 million.

    • Jury returned guilty verdict for Sherman  Act price-fixing violation, but judge ordered only probation (with no restitution) based on evidence developed at trial and in mitigation.*

    •  Not Guilty verdict for Assault & Battery on Police Officer and Obstructing an Officer during a Felony Arrest.*

    •  Charge avoided.  Owners of regulated business in health care industry not charged after Wyatt’s involvement in investigation and negotiations for nominal civil sanctions.*

    •  Federal charges avoided for Possession of child pornography charges after counsel involved in federal investigation.*

    •  Not Guilty Verdict for Possession of Child Porn in federal court.*

    •  Rape charge against member of U.S. Navy dismissed and case terminated after appeal to highest Oklahoma criminal court.*

    •  Department of Defense fraud charge avoided and investigation terminated.*

    •  Social Security fraud charge avoided and investigation terminated.*

    •  Tax fraud case dismissed after three years of litigation.*

    •  Airline pilot avoided sexual “touching”/child abuse charge and investigation terminated.*

    •  State child pornography charge dismissed because prosecution could not prove who possessed the images – even though client had prior conviction for possession of lewd images.*

    •  Rape charge against medical student dismissed because defense investigation proved “victim” was lying.*

    •  14-Count federal child pornagraphy indictment dismissed because of Fourth Amendment (“search”) violation.*

    •  Acquittal (Not Guilty) on 106 Counts of securities fraud & money laundering.*

    •  Forcible Sodomy Charge against foreign college student dismissed.*

    •  Statutory rape (sex with a minor child) charge dismissed.*

    •  Embezzlement charge dismissed after preliminary hearing.*

    •  State child pornagraphy charges dismissed against college professor after preliminary hearing.*

    •   Evidence suppressed in “DUI with Great Bodily Harm” and judge had to dismiss charges after preliminary hearing.*

    •   Not Guilty verdict in rape trial.*

    •  Conviction reversed and sentence vacated in federal securities fraud case with orders to dismiss charges.*

    •  Not Guilty verdict in federal trial for Internet child solicitation & traveling across state lines for sex.*

    •   “Seized money” returned to client after forfeiture hearing.*

    •   Ghost Employee (fraud) charge reduced to misdemeanor.*

    •  Health Care fraud conviction against two doctors reversed with orders to dismiss charges.*

    *Results may vary Because each case must be decided on its own unique facts and the law applicable to that given case, results may vary. You should not infer the likelihood of success on a given case based on past cases handled by this firm.



    At the Wyatt Law Office, you will only see experienced counsel.  We pay attention to detail, We are proud to offer experienced counsel. challenge conventional thinking, and even challenge the justice system itself. Those are our trademarks. The firm is committed to excellence and professional integrity, encourages continuing legal education, and encourages development of legal and interpersonal resources. Those resources include a vast network of legal specialists, expert witnesses and consultants, advanced technology, and a host of clients and friends across the state and nation and around the world.

    Throughout his career Bob Wyatt has played an integral role in a high profile practice, representing numerous clients in noteworthy cases in Oklahoma, including the defense of Timothy McVeigh in the Oklahoma City Bombing case and the defense of more than a dozen other homicide cases and numerous civil matters.


    No case too big or too small. We generally represent “working” men and women in civil and criminal matters, as well as corporations, big and small. Other clients include doctors, lawyers, psychologists, politicians (a sitting Governor, State Treasurer, State Insurance Commissioner and others), funeral directors, contractors, engineers, insurance agents and insurance companies, stock brokers, two “big three” auto franchises, five public schools, one university, a newspaper and publishing company and a city.


    The Wyatt Law Office is located in Oklahoma City, but Wyatt’s practice spans the entire state of Oklahoma. The firm’s federal criminal practice is nationwide. Our civil practice is generally limited to Oklahoma. Bob Wyatt has appeared as counsel in civil and criminal actions in 52 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties and in several federal venues including, among others, Oklahoma City (Western District of Oklahoma), Tulsa (Northern District of Oklahoma), Muskogee (Eastern District of Oklahoma), Austin, Denver and Norfolk. Mr. Wyatt’s practice has also involved international matters which have taken him to China, England, Hong Kong, Israel, Northern Ireland, the Philippines and Scotland. Other international investigations have involved matters in Bolivia, Canada, Cyprus, Macedonia (former Yugoslavia), Mexico, Russia, Syria, Thailand, the Ukraine and Viet Nam.


    The Wyatt Law Office is located in the State’s capital of Oklahoma City, which is situated in the middle of the state. Wyatt’s office is just two blocks from the federal courthouse and four blocks from the Oklahoma County courthouse. We are less than 10 minutes from the State’s appellate courts which are housed in the State Capitol complex. For federal criminal matters in other states, Oklahoma City offers easy connections to most major cities and both coasts from the Will Rogers World Airport. We also have good relations with lawyers statewide so that we can work in almost any venue in Oklahoma.


    Mr. Wyatt is licensed in all of Oklahoma’s federal courts and some in Texas including the:

    • U.S. Court of Appeals for the 10th Circuit (Office in Denver)

    • U.S. District Court for the Western District of Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)

    • U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Oklahoma (Tulsa)

    • U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Oklahoma (Muskogee)

    • U.S. District Court for the Northern (Dallas, Ft. Worth, Wichita Falls, Amarillo) and Eastern (Plano, Sherman, Beaumont, Tyler) Districts of Texas

    Mr. Wyatt has appeared on a case-by-case basis in the U.S. District Court in Austin, Texas, Denver, Colorado, and Norfolk, Virginia, among others. We are willing to travel anywhere in the United States or its territories to represent those charged with federal crimes under the right circumstances.


    In state court, Bob Wyatt has appeared in 54 of Oklahoma’s 77 counties. We are willing to travel anywhere in Oklahoma for the right case. We regularly appear in Oklahoma County, Beckham County, Canadian County, Cleveland County, Custer County, Grady County, Lincoln County, Logan County, Payne County and Pittsburg County. Other counties where we appear as needed include:

    Adair County, Alfalfa County, Atoka County, Beaver County, Blaine County, Bryan County, Caddo County, Carter County, Cherokee County, Choctaw County, Cimarron County, Coal County, Comanche County, Cotton County, Craig County, Creek County, Delaware County, Dewey County, Ellis County, Garfield County, Garvin County, Grant County, Greer County, Harmon County, Harper County, Haskell County, Hughes County, Jackson County, Jefferson County, Johnston County, Kay County, Kingfisher County, Kiowa County, Latimer County, LeFlore County, Love County, Major County, Marshall County, May County, McCain County, McCurtain County, McIntosh County, Murray County, Muskogee, Noble County, Nowata County, Okfuskee County, Okmulgee County, Osage County, Ottawa County, Pawnee County, Pontotoc County, Pottawatomie County, Pushmataha County, Roger Mills County, Rogers County, Seminole County, Sequoyah County, Stephens County, Texas County, Tillman County, Tulsa County, Wagoner County, Washington County, Washita County, Woods County, and Woodward County.


    This web site is not intended to offer legal advice. Please read our disclaimer for the terms of use of this site.


    Because of problems with the credit card processing companies, the Wyatt Law Office is no longer accepting credit cards after November 30, 2010. We apologize for any inconvenience; however, your bank may allow you to take a cash advance against your credit card.  That may allow you to use your revolving credit without our firm taking credit cards.