Wyatt Law Office Reviews

The Wyatt Law Office has asked former clients to comment on the services they received. Those clients surveyed include people who were charged in either federal or state courts (some in both). As a result of our representation, some of these clients were found not guilty at trial. Here are some of the Wyatt Law Office Reviews.

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What Clients Are Saying

In my son’s words, he is awesome!!! Bob Wyatt represented my son in a complex multiple crimes–multiple counties case, and we feel there is no one out there that could have done a better job.    He is professional and knowledgeable and has empathy for his clients.  His integrity and ethics are beyond reproach. His relentless determination and dedication to represent my son was very impressive. Bob has been a positive influence on my son, and I feel he will make it through all this okay mainly because he wants to be a better person and also does not want to let Bob down.”

“Our prayers were answered…”You are proof of that. Thank you for your relentless perseverance [and] your courage to fight for the truth and freedom. I have to tell you that the closing argument you delivered was brisk, powerful and stunning. I’m certain it made a huge impact on the jurors as you summarized the details of the counts and a renewed perspective of the witnesses and evidence presented.”

How Valuable Is Your Freedom?

You never really think about it until it is almost lost. I was in real trouble, and it looked very much like I would be going to prison. I would miss watching my child grow up. My wife would be subjected to humiliation and financial ruin. My life and theirs were going to be changed forever. I was frightened out of my mind and depressed. I had nothing left but prayer. God led me to Bob Wyatt and a second chance.”

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Wyatt Law Office Reviews

More Wyatt Law Office Reviews

Watch for updates. For privacy purposes, the clients’ names are withheld. But these Wyatt Law Office Reviews are the clients’ own words. Call your Client Endorsed Oklahoma Criminal Defense Lawyers for services like those described here.

“Thank you so much for your legal expertise.  . . . You gave our son  a second chance.  We chose, what we feel, was the very best criminal attorney in Oklahoma City.”

“I wish to express my sincere appreciation for all of your efforts, concerns and commitment in representing me with my recent legal problem [in federal court], a problem that could have turned into a nightmare! There was never a time in our association that I did not feel the utmost confidence in your abilities as my defense. I feel truly fortunate to have had you represent me. The resulting dismissal of my case, through your abilities and efforts on my behalf, only confirmed the faith and confidence that I had in you. I would certainly recommend you without reservation or hesitation to anyone in need of outstanding legal service. Thanks again to you, Bob, for a job well done.”

When my entire life was placed in jeopardy it was Bob Wyatt who stood up for me, stood behind me, and fought for justice. He devoted his most precious resource to benefit me, his time. For two solid years his fortitude carried strong. He was my unwavering rock, and for that, I will always be grateful.”

“Bob Wyatt takes his work seriously, and never forgets that people are people, not just clients. The first time I met him, Mr. Wyatt invited me to his office the same Sunday afternoon that I called him. He listened for over an hour while I explained a personal history and asked the questions he needed to afterward. Over the following months, he approached every aspect of my case with the same meticulous dedication and human understanding. Bob Wyatt is a good man and an excellent attorney. There is simply no substitute for belief in what one does.”

Thanks to you, our lives are back to normal again. You gave us great service at a great price.”

“Thanks Bob, this all started at your office on Feb 26, 2004 and what a magical adventure it has been. I am forever grateful to you for your help.”

“Being charged, facing a jury, and being convicted of crimes committed by others is very emotionally depressing. After several lawyers and spending thousands of dollars on my case with no results, I found Bob Wyatt. He took my [state and federal] cases working very hard for long hours with true dedication. Over a period of years and determination, Mr. Wyatt took me from the hell and torment of my experience to the gates of freedom. He never gave up on me. Mr. Wyatt is true blessing.”

“Bob, early in the morning and late coming, but thanks for assisting us and getting our son back. I love him so much and am thankful everyday that he is alive and in the hands of God. The trip of life takes us down many paths and at the present we are on one that is paved in gold because of our happiness.”

“When Mr. Wyatt agreed to take my case, I was in a dark place emotionally. Being accused of a crime is scary whether you’re guilty or innocent. Mr. Wyatt committed himself totally to me. His mentorship and exceptional skill as an attorney cannot be measured. I consider myself blessed to have been privileged to his services.”

“Bob isn’t just a great attorney, he’s good people. His work is meticulous, compassionate, thorough and thoughtful. I put my future in Bob’s hands, and he helped me through an extremely rough situation. With his expertise and care I was able to move on and live my life the way it was meant to be lived. I’d recommend Bob to anyone.”

“Wyatt Law Office is the best law firm in the State of Oklahoma, an honest law office. Mr. Robert L. Wyatt is a lawyer of integrity, always ready to help the “little” people in need. He helped us with a case where we had to face the power of the State and we won. Again we do “Thank You” for helping us little people when it comes to understanding the law and facing the powerful State. You are a blessing.”

“I am very pleased that Bob Wyatt has been my legal counsel. He instilled me with his true professional integrity, honesty, and knowledge of the law. Bob was always prepared and gave me confidence that everything possible was being done to represent me. I am proud to call Bob Wyatt my friend and legal counsel.”

Bob’s grasp of the law is amazing. He sees opportunities where others only see barriers. He fought for me as if I were family and was relentless in his pursuit of my freedom. The thing that most struck me was that Bob was not the cold, detached tactician that I imagined a criminal lawyer to be. He genuinely cared about my emotional well-being and kept me informed of all my options every step of the way. In the end, I believe that there was only one path to success and Bob found it. I now have my life back. All those terrible consequences mentioned above were averted, except for one. My life HAS changed forever. Now I am grateful for every day that I have with my family. I will never stop giving thanks to God . . . for my second chance.”

“When my . . . brother was accused of rape, we called Mr. Wyatt, and he actually listened to what we had to say and agreed to take our case. As bad as the whole ordeal was for our family, Mr. Wyatt was there for us every step of the way. He kept in constant contact with us, keeping us informed and updated on the progress. Our family appreciates and will always be grateful for Mr. Wyatt’s professionalism, care, integrity, and the compassion that he showed our family, especially my brother, during one of our toughest times. In closing, my brother was found “NOT GUILTY”, and although I never doubted my brothers innocence, I believe Mr. Wyatt is the reason my brother is a free man today.”

“While driving through Oklahoma, I was stopped for a simple driving violation that turned into the worst nightmare of my life. I returned to my home and desperately needed legal representation in Oklahoma. I have an attorney in California, but he was of no use in Oklahoma. I got on the Internet and the first attorney I called was Mr. Wyatt. Please understand that I have had nothing but expensive, negative experiences with attorneys my whole life and trying to find one on the Internet was, to me, totally insane. But I was in a real mess and had no choice in the matter. After reviewing my case over the phone, he accepted it. Throughout the next year or so, he handled the whole case with the skill of a seasoned shuttle pilot. The man’s integrity and honesty were above reproach but the skill and knowledge of the state and federal laws were unreal! He fought for my rights and me for the whole ordeal and took care of everything. . . . When my world was crashing down, he was there. . . . He always returned my calls and kept in contact with me. I will eternally be indebted to him and his firm. Years have passed since my ordeal, and I have not come in contact with an attorney like Mr. Wyatt.”

Bob Wyatt only knows success. From him, I’ve never witnessed anything but delightful and steadfast optimism. I am still amazed at his dedication for my benefit. He is, truly, a selfless man.”

“In [early 2006], my life became a living nightmare. I was over 1,700 miles from home, in jail, scared, lonely and in what could only be described as the single most traumatic experience of my life. On my birthday . . ., Mr. Wyatt came to see me in the county jail, and he informed me that my mother had contacted him about retaining his services as my attorney. To my great future benefit, I gladly accepted. Even though the D.A.’s office wanted to lock me up and throw away the key . . ., Mr. Wyatt managed to correct most of their negative views about me and negotiate a deal that will result in me getting out next year (2010), and being able to rebuild my life. His steadfast faith and ethics made an impression on me, and his example of standing up for those who are oppressed and ignored by an unjust, corrupt system inspired me to research constitutional law, as well as other sources, and to become a fervent prisoner’s rights activist. If it was not for Mr. Wyatt’s representation, I would more than likely be facing a long sentence, and I would certainly not be the person that I am today.”

“When I was first arrested with the charges against me, I thought my life was over, and while the year that followed was tough and challenging, I will never forget, the confidence, dedication, and hard work, that Mr. Wyatt exhibited. His level of professionalism and expertise was truly inspirational, I will forever be grateful to him and his hard work on my case. Thank you. Mr. Wyatt.”

“Thank you for taking me as a client and representing me. . . .I could probably just say thank you and be finished with my note, but I wanted to say you as my attorney helped me feel better in a very scary situation.”

We also appreciate our clients and the kind Wyatt Law Office Reviews they have left us. Contact us today if you need highly recommended criminal defense.