Finding The Right Tulsa Criminal Defense Attorney

How do you choose the right lawyer to represent you on a criminal case? Well you start at the beginning. You have been charged with a crime. You were arrested for an alleged crime. They took you to jail, took your picture and finger prints, gave you a jump suit, and you were booked in. Your friends and family had to contact a bail bondsman to post your bail. Upon leaving the jail you were giving a court date. Where do you go from here?

The Nature Of Your Charges

Finding the right Tulsa criminal defense attorney doesn’t have to be a difficult process. You need a lawyer you can trust and communicate with. One that will give you the best defense in court and fight for your rights. But not all criminal defense lawyers are created equal. Not all have the experience to handle a trial. And they definitely don’t all specialize in criminal defense.
The Wyatt Law Office specializes in criminal defense. And it doesn’t matter if its a run of the mill DUI, or a white collar crime. Providing you with adequate representation is what we are here for. From traffic offenses to sex crimes and everything in between.

Contact The Wyatt Law Office

Give us a call to help you. Our attorneys are always standing by to help. We have plenty of resources available to you on our website. You can also read through other cases we have won, awards and publications we have received, and reviews from our clients. Wyatt Law Office is an award winning law firm completely dedicated to helping you in your criminal case. Call us today for more information.