Sex Crimes Defense In Oklahoma

Being charged with a sex crime in Oklahoma comes with serious consequences. Even if not convicted, you face serious damage to your reputation to the public and society as a whole. If convicted you face the possibility of also being on a lifetime sex offender registry, even after your debt has been paid. You are going to need a lawyer experienced in sex crimes defense in Oklahoma.

The Right To Remain Silent

Wyatt Law has handled countless sex crime cases, and encourages you to exercise your right to remain silent. The district attorney and the rest of the prosecution will be basing their case on witness statements, including your own statement, made to the police. While the media like TV and movies bases everything on DNA evidence, this is not the case for most of reality. You may feel the need to clear your name or try to mitigate damage by speaking to the police, but this may hurt you more than help you when it comes to court.

Lie Detector Tests

Polygraphs are not always allowed as evidence in a court room to prove your innocence, but that doesn’t mean it won’t help. Police use this to get more incriminating statements from you, while hiring your own private polygraph conductor will be more fair in seeking truthful statements. This may be very helpful in convincing police to look elsewhere for incriminating evidence.

Hiring Expert Witnesses

The prosecution will seek to review DNA evidence and any other evidence collected to use against you. This evidence will be reviewed by law enforcement to determine what it may mean. Hiring expert witnesses to cross examine this evidence will be necessary to help your defense.

Protect Your Rights With Sex Crimes Defense Attorneys

Wyatt Law has provided sex crimes defense in Oklahoma for years. You have Constitutional rights that need to be protected as you go through your case. Call the experts at Wyatt Law today at 405-234-5500 or send us a message here to get more information.