Fraud Crimes & Schemes (Mail, Wire, Bank, Securities, Insurance, Tax, etc.)

Fraud schemes  may be prosecuted in either state or federal courts -- although most are ultimately charged in federal courts. The FBI, SEC, and other federal agencies have units that specifically focus on interstate and international fraud investigations.  The Wyatt Law Office routinely represents those charged with a variety of fraudulent schemes, conspiracies and other white collar crimes.  While we are a small law firm, our practice focuses on these types of charges.  Unlike many large firms, we don't dabble in criminal law.  We defend those charged with crimes, and that is virtually ALL that we do and we win.

Among others, the following represent common fraud schemes.

Federal Fraud Investigations

Mail Fraud

Wire Fraud

Bank Fraud

Mortgage Fraud & Predatory Lending

Government Contract Fraud & Kickbacks

Healthcare Fraud

Securities Fraud

Bankruptcy Fraud

Advance Fee Scheme

Ponzi & Pyramid Schemes

Tax Fraud & Evasion


Credit Card Fraud

E-Bay® Fraud

Other Frauds

We are Licensed In:

  • U.S. District Court for Western Oklahoma (Oklahoma City)
  • U.S. District Court for Eastern Oklahoma (Muskogee)
  • U.S. District Court for Northern Oklahoma (Tulsa)
  • U.S. District Court for Eastern Texas (Beaumont, Lufkin, Marshall, Plano, Sherman, Texarkana, and Tyler areas)
  • U.S. District Court for Northern Texas (Abilene, Amarillo, Dallas, Ft. Worth, Lubbock, San Angelo, and Wichita Falls areas)
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, Eighth Circuit
  • U.S. Court of Appeals, Tenth Circuit
  • Supreme Court of the United States

Noteworthy Cases

Minimal Punishment. In federal court in Oklahoma City, client pled guilty to tax evasion (around $1.6 Million), and was sentenced to 24 months in prison, followed by supervised release (probation) and payment of full restitution.*

Minimal Punishment. In federal court in Tulsa, client was charged with dozens of counts of falsifying tax returns by filing returns under the names of others (basically identity theft). She received a 48 month sentence although she faced over 30 years in prison for aggravated identity theft.*

Evidence Suppressed in Federal Court. Wyatt and Scott Graham teamed up arguing and convincing the federal court to suppress evidence obtained after a “routine” traffic stop pursuant to an open air drug dog sniff search. During an illegal search, Troopers found 3,000 Oxycontin pills, multiple fake I.D.s, fake prescriptions, and over $17,000 cash. The clients were basically charged with obtaining prescriptions by fraud. All evidence suppressed and case dismissed.*

Federal Charges Dismissed. Client charged with conspiracy to defraud investors in an alleged $1.2 million advance fee scheme. At a “James” hearing to determine scope of conspiracy, Wyatt showed that government had no proof against his client. Government counsel agreed to dismiss the charges against Wyatt’s client; all other defendants still facing charges.*

Minimal Punishment for Federal Antitrust Price Fixing Charge. Client accused of orchestrating gasoline price-fixing scheme with volume of commerce in excess of $5 million. Jury returned guilty verdict for Sherman Antitrust Act price-fixing violation, but judge ordered only probation (with no restitution) based on evidence developed at trial and in mitigation.*

Charge Avoided & Investigation Terminated. After thorough criminal investigation by the Department of Defense Criminal Investigative Service and recommendations for fraud charges, Wyatt negotiated to avoid charges in an alleged Veteran’s Affairs fraud scheme.*

Charge Avoided & Investigation Terminated. After thorough criminal investigation by the Social Security Administration and recommendations for fraud charges, Wyatt negotiated to avoid charges in an alleged scheme to defraud a vulnerable adult out of Social Security disability benefits.*

Tax Fraud Case Dismissed. Client, a former state politician, charged with knowingly filing a false State of Oklahoma tax return. After years of litigation and only days before trial, the court agreed with motions filed by the defense that the charge was not timely filed. Charges were dismissed after a hotly contested hearing.*

Acquittal on 106 Counts of Fraud & Money Laundering.  Bob Wyatt and Gloyd McCoy were engaged to represent a grain elevator operator previously charged with and convicted of 106 counts of uttering forged securities and engaging in illegal monetary transactions (effectively money laundering). On behalf of the client, we sought habeas corpus relief and were granted a new trial. At this re-trial, the jury convicted again, but the trial judge released the client on bond pending appeal because of the issues raised by Wyatt. Wyatt appealed again, this time with the Tenth Circuit Court of Appeals directing a Judgment of Acquittal (“not guilty”) — meaning that the client is a free man and the government cannot try him again.  United States v. Hunt, 456 F.3d 1255 (10th Cir. 2006).*

Sentence Vacated in Securities Fraud Case. In December 2003, Bob Wyatt and Gloyd McCoy were engaged to represent a northwest Oklahoma resident who had previously been convicted of 106 counts of uttering forged securities and engaging in illegal monetary transactions (effectively money laundering) in federal court in Oklahoma City. The client sought habeas corpus relief for, among other things, ineffective assistance of his former trial counsel and conflict of interest. After a two-day hearing in January, the U.S. District Court on March 5, 2004, issued an order granting habeas relief and vacating the client’s conviction and sentence.*

State Embezzlement Charges Dismissed. Wyatt secured the dismissal of multiple counts of embezzlement against a camera store employee. After Wyatt’s investigation and cross-examination of the State’s witnesses, the preliminary hearing magistrate dismissed all charges.*

Health Care Fraud Conviction Reversed, Case Dismissed. In the early 1990s, Bob Wyatt was co-counsel to two obstetric physicians and surgeons charged with multiple counts of “healthcare fraud” for alleged violation of CHAMPUS regulations as it related to over 100 patients of the surgery center. This four-year federal investigation in parallel civil and criminal proceedings concluded in a guilty verdict on all but one charge; however, Wyatt convinced the federal appeals court to reverse the conviction with orders to dismiss the charges for lack of merit. Bob Wyatt briefed and argued the appeal to the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Tenth Circuit. (See United States v. Avery, 34 F.3d 1517 (10th Cir. 1994).*

*Note: Results may vary because each case must be decided on its own unique facts and the law applicable to that given case. You should not infer the likelihood of success on a given case based on past cases handled by this firm.

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