Oklahoma Entrapment

Something always heard about in movies and television, although the facts surrounding it are almost always misconstrued. Entrapment is something that can only be perpetrated by law enforcement, and if you have ever had an Oklahoma criminal case, it will help you to know what it means.

What It Means

Oklahoma entrapment happens when someone who has no intention of committing a crime is instigated to break the law by law enforcement. As an example, let’s say the police are investigating a drug dealer. An undercover officer may offer to buy drugs from a certain individual. That does not constitute entrapment. However, if the officer harasses or otherwise coerces the individual to sell him drugs, that would be entrapment.
So the basic standard would be that someone who is prepared to commit a crime and is induced to by law enforcement, would not have a case for entrapment. Only those individuals who had no intention of committing a crime in the first place would be able to use this defense.

They Can Lie

Most would believe that an officer has to identify themselves as an officer. On the contrary, law enforcement will lie to get the information and evidence they need on a case. You should at all times remember that you have the right to remain silent. Be very aware that you can only claim entrapment if you commit a crime you would not have otherwise committed if law enforcement was not present when the rime occurred.

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