experienced criminal defense attorney

Why Experience Matters

  • April 1, 2019

When charged with a crime, you need to know the realities of the criminal justice system. Think about the potential seriousness of any criminal charges. First, hire an experienced attorney who is a proven winner. This is hands down, the single most important step that you can take. Wyatt Law dedicates themselves to ensuring the best possible outcome.

Don’t gamble with your life: Place a sure bet on an experienced criminal defense attorney.

Any criminal charge can mean jail time and the possibility of having a criminal record. Criminal records that may stay with you throughout your life. An experienced attorney can be the difference between jail time and walking free. Consequently, an experienced attorney can often convince the prosecutor to completely avoid trial.
An experienced criminal defense attorney is an expert at raising enough doubt. Doubt ensures a jury will not convict their clients. Often, the mere threat of losing at trial is enough to convince prosecutors to plead down. Often, a solid criminal defense attorney can get the charges dropped altogether.
Defendants who hire an experienced defense attorney will do far better. You can’t afford to risk your freedom on a low-cost lawyer. A cheap attorney is the most expensive decision you will ever make. Contact the Law offices of Wyatt Law today.