Violent Crimes Lawyers

The Wyatt Law Office represents those accused of violent crimes. The charges range from misdemeanor simple assault to charges of terroristic murder by weapons of mass destruction (i.e., the Oklahoma City Bombing). We have represented dozens charged with virtually any violent crime under the State and federal criminal codes. If you are charged with a violent crime, you will need counsel. Our lawyers are familiar with the law, the defenses to these crimes, and with the criminal justice system. Whether you are guilty and need to negotiate a plea or you simply want a jury trial (whether innocent or guilty), we will defend you. Your future is our business.

Routinely Charged Violent Crimes

The Legislature has defined all of the following crimes as violent crimes — regardless of whether any person is harmed:

  1. Assault, Battery, or Assault & Battery with a Dangerous Weapon;
  2. Aggravated Assault and Battery on a Police Officer, Sheriff, Highway Patrolman, or Any Other Officer of the Law;
  3. Poisoning with Intent to Kill;
  4. Shooting with Intent to Kill;
  5. Assault with Intent to Kill;
  6. Assault with Intent to Commit a Felony;
  7. Assaults While Masked or Disguised;
  8. Murder in the First Degree;
  9. Murder in the Second Degree;
  10. Manslaughter in the First Degree;
  11. Manslaughter in the Second Degree;
  12. Kidnapping;
  13. Burglary in the First Degree;
  14. Burglary with Explosives;
  15. Kidnapping for Extortion;
  16. Maiming;
  17. Robbery;
  18. Robbery in the First Degree;
  19. Robbery in the Second Degree;
  20. Armed Robbery;
  21. Robbery by Two (2) or More Persons;
  22. Robbery with Dangerous Weapon or Imitation Firearm;
  23. Child Beating;
  24. Wiring Any Equipment, Vehicle or Structure with Explosives;
  25. Forcible Sodomy;
  26. Rape in the First Degree;
  27. Rape in the Second Degree;
  28. Rape by Instrumentation;29. Lewd or Indecent Proposition or Lewd or Indecent Act with a Child;
  29. Use of a Firearm or Offensive Weapon to Commit or Attempt to Commit a Felony;
  30. Pointing Firearms;
  31. Rioting;
  32. Inciting to Riot;
  33. Arson in the First Degree;
  34. Injuring or Burning Public Buildings;
  35. Sabotage;
  36. Criminal Syndicalism;
  37. Extortion;
  38. Obtaining Signature by Extortion;
  39. Seizure of a Bus, Discharging Firearm or Hurling Missile at Bus;
  40. Mistreatment of a Mental Patient;
  41. Using a vehicle to facilitate the discharge of a weapon pursuant to Section 652 of Title 21 of the Oklahoma Statutes.

Federal Crimes of Violence

There are many federal crimes of violence that may include but not be limited to those listed above. In addition to crimes commonly considered violent (murder, rape, kidnaping, etc), the U.S. Congress and the federal courts define any “child pornography” or “sexual exploitation of a child” as violent crimes — even simple possession of child pornography because a child is harmed at the time the pornography was created.

Experienced Lawyers

The Wyatt Law Office represents those charged with any violent crime. We can help you defend any crime of violence.

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