The Wyatt Law Office has represented dozens charged with robbery. Robbery is classified by Oklahoma law as a crime of violence. If you are charged with robbery, you must have counsel. Our lawyers are familiar with the law, the defenses to these crimes, and with the criminal justice system. Whether you want a jury trial or are guilty and need to negotiate a plea, we will defend you. Your future is our business.

Robbery involves taking property from another’s person (forcing the victim to give up property that is “on him at the time”). This is different from taking property from a house or building (which is technically burglary) or stealing from a business (larceny or shoplifting).

Robbery I.

First Degree Robbery involves taking the property by force or fear, by causing bodily harm or by threat of serious bodily injury. Robbery I is punishable by 10 years to life and requires that 85% of the sentence be served before being parole eligible.

Robbery II.

Second Degree Robbery is all other forms of robbery and is punishable by zero to 10 years in prison. Robbery II is not an 85% crime.

Robbery is generally prosecuted in state court unless the crime occurred on federal property (such as a military base, post office or Indian land). We defend the accused in state and federal courts and have extensive experience in both courts. We know the differences between the two systems of justice and are prepared to help you.

Experienced Robbery Defense Lawyers

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