Oklahoma Lewd Molestation Defense Attorneys

What is “Lewd Molestation?”

Lewd molestation is inappropriate and illegal sexual contact with minors. This includes sexual relations, touching the minor in an indecent manner, or making lewd proposals to the minor. It also includes activity where the minor is forced or required to look at someone else’s body or genitals, where the minor is forced to watch sexual acts, or where the minor is required or forced to view obscene materials. These and many other activities fall under the definition of lewd molestation.

Lewd behaviors can take place anywhere including public spaces and private residences. Lewd molestation may be committed by a stranger, but more often, it is done by someone known to the minor child (family, baby sitters, church workers, teachers, etc.)  Those accused of lewd molestation can also suffer severe consequences – particularly when the accusations are false. They may face public shame, ostracism, and serious physical or mental harm.

If you’ve been accused of lewd molestation, get legal help as soon as possible. This is a serious accusation, and you will need an experienced lawyer to defend you. A lawyer will take immediate steps to protect you from the legal and personal damage an accusation like this can cause.

What Are the Laws in Oklahoma?

The state of Oklahoma has a lewd molestation statute on the books. This statute outlines the definitions of lewd molestation and what activities qualify. Lewd molestation in Oklahoma is a felony crime against a minor under the age of sixteen. It’s a major accusation that covers a wide variety of activities including:

  • Oral or written communications or proposals to a minor under sixteen to engage in sexual relations. This includes anyone that the defendant believed to be a child under sixteen.  (Beware, there is another statute that makes it a crime to communicate for sex with anyone under the age of 18);
  • Looking at or touching a minor under sixteen in a lewd manner;
  • Inviting or enticing someone under sixteen (or someone believed to be under sixteen) to a location with the intent to molest or otherwise commit a crime against the child;
  • Causing, forcing, or exposing a minor to look at someone’s genitals, at obscene materials, or at sexual acts; and
  • Forcing or requiring the minor to touch the body or private parts of another person.

These and other activities may qualify as lewd molestation under Oklahoma’s statute. A lawyer can help you understand the nature of the accusations and any defenses you may be able to raise. If you are accused of lewd molestation, speak with a lawyer as soon as you can. Your defense should start the moment you are accused.

What Are the Penalties?

Someone convicted of lewd molestation faces punishment that can last the rest of their lives. In Oklahoma, those convicted of lewd molestation of a minor over twelve years old may be sentenced from three to twenty years in prison. In most cases, juries and judges will give the defendant the higher end of those penalties, meaning they may be in prison for decades.

If someone is convicted of lewd molestation of a minor under twelve years old then the penalty is even more severe. Those convicted of this charge will receive a minimum of 25 years in prison. Judges and juries will typically favor a longer sentence, meaning that someone convicted of this could face life in prison.

Anyone convicted of this charge twice is ineligible for parole or sentence suspension. If convicted for the third time, the defendant will be sentenced to life or life without parole.

These are severe consequences, and you cannot face them unprepared. The rest of your life may be on the line. Don’t wait to get help if you’re charged with this crime.

How Our Lawyers Can Help You

If you’re accused of lewd molestation, get representation as fast as you can. A criminal defense lawyer will act as your first and best line of defense against the charges. The dedicated defense lawyers at the Wyatt Law Office know how to protect you at every stage of the investigation, negotiations, and trial. We can:

  • Advise you on the law, your rights, and how you may be affected by the charge;
  • Protect you and your reputation throughout the case;
  • Arrange for bail in some cases and argue to get you released until trial;
  • Listen to you, investigate the charges, gather evidence, and interview witnesses;
  • Retain and coordinate with experts as needed;
  • Fight back against the charges and work to have them dropped;
  • If needed, negotiate with prosecutors on a plea deal;
  • Craft trial strategy and prepare court documents related to your case;
  • Fight for you at trial and advocate for you throughout the process.

We understand the serious nature of a lewd molestation charge. We also understand how painful the experience can be, especially when the accused is innocent of the charges. A lewd molestation charge can destroy every aspect of someone’s life: personally and professionally. If you’re accused, you need to push back and protect yourself.

A defense lawyer is an essential part of fighting back against lewd molestation charges. The charges have serious penalties and can have a lasting impact on your livelihood. Overnight, they can transform your life and the lives of those you love. If you are facing charges of lewd molestation, contact our lawyers as soon as you can.

Experienced Molestation Defense Lawyers

At the Wyatt Law Office, we understand how difficult it is to face criminal charges. Our practice is focused on criminal defense.  We pride ourselves on the quality representation we provide to our clients. With decades of experience defending clients from all types of criminal accusations, we know how to fight for our clients and win.

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