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What is Investment and Securities Fraud?

When an individual is accused of investment and securities fraud, they’re being accused of lying, spreading disinformation, and manipulating others to reap benefits for themselves. Investment fraud could be something as simple as providing false or misleading information in order to secure an investment or loan.  Alternatively, this can include other schemes to defraud investors of their money. Examples of investment and securities fraud include:

  •    Advance Fee fraud.
  •    Affinity fraud.
  •    Ponzi schemes.
  •    Pyramid schemes.
  •    Pump and dump schemes.

Investment and securities fraud can also involve spreading false information about stocks, bonds, and other investment instruments.

These are serious criminal charges that can come with serious consequences. Securities and Exchange Commission investigators, FBI, and other agencies may play a role in the investigation. State agencies like the Oklahoma Securities Department or the Attorney General may also play a role.  Charges could be filed in state court or more likely in federal court.  If you are accused of investment or securities fraud, it is essential that you get in touch with an experienced fraud defense attorney as soon as possible to discuss the charges and begin building your defense.

What Charges Can I Expect?

When you are accused of investment or securities fraud, prosecutors may bring a variety of charges against you that may include fines that can range from $10,000 to $5 million or more, probation, restitution, or even jail time. That is why it is crucial to hire an attorney who understands the specific state and federal laws that apply to your case and how to successfully defend you against the accusations.

Securities Fraud Charges

These charges can come from a variety of legal sources. The Securities Acts of 1933 and 1934, the Investment Advisers Act, the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and many others. These acts are intended to secure investment markets, and they provide strict penalties for those who are convicted of violating them. In addition to these, there are state laws that may apply to your situation.

Individuals who are charged with securities fraud may face civil penalties like license restrictions and heavy fines, or they may face criminal prosecution.

Penalties for securities fraud may include:

  • Fines. The government may levy fines against individuals convicted of investment and securities fraud. These can range from small amounts to millions of dollars and will be determined by the facts of the case.
  • Restitution. Those convicted of investment and securities fraud may be ordered to pay losses to investors, employees, and others who suffered because of the fraud.
  • Probation. Probation is another potential consequence of a conviction of securities fraud, especially in cases where there is a single instance of fraud, or where investors did not actually lose any money. Probation periods usually range from one to five years, although longer terms are possible.
  • Prison or jail time. In the case of a felony conviction, the individual may face incarceration. The period of incarceration will often depend on the amount of money involved in the fraudulent scheme.

Wire Fraud Charges

Fraud charges often involve accusations of wire fraud. Typically, prosecutors bring the charges against broad schemes, and not when the fraud is made up of isolated incidents. Wire fraud requires that the defendant intentionally defrauded someone and that the person charged used a communications system to do so. Wire fraud is a type of fraud that makes use of communication systems such as telephones, fax machines, computers and the Internet. It could even involve communications system such as television or radio.

When someone uses these interstate systems to commit fraud, there can be severe consequences. Penalties for wire fraud can include:

  • Fines. Wire fraud is a serious crime that can involve significant fines depending upon the facts of the case.
  • Prison or Jail time. Those convicted of wire fraud may face up to twenty years in prison.
  • Enhanced penalties. If the fraud involves a disaster declared by the President, the fines can multiply and the potential amount of time in prison soars to thirty years.

Mail Fraud Charges

Where wire fraud uses electronic and other communications systems, mail fraud involves the use of the U.S. Postal Service and other carriers such as FedEx, UPS, or DHL. Simply using the mail to facilitate a fraud (like mailing a false proposal or mailing a bogus check) could trigger a mail fraud charge.  Mail fraud is defined by the U.S. Code and covers many situations such as efforts to defraud money from others or to sell counterfeit goods. If a mail carrier was used during a fraud, these charges might apply.

Penalties include severe fines and up to twenty years in prison. Much like wire fraud, if this fraud involves a disaster declared by the President, potential prison time may be increased up to thirty years.

How Our Attorneys Can Help Protect You

Investment and securities fraud charges are serious charges that will involve Federal and state authorities. If you’ve been accused, get the representation you need as quickly as possible. A defense lawyer will immediately take steps to protect you, your assets, and your safety. Our experienced lawyers can:

  • Review the facts of your case, review the law, and give you advice on next steps.
  • Work with courts and authorities to arrange for bail.
  • Investigate the allegations and work to defend you from investigator overreach.
  • Aggressively fight to have charges dropped or reduced.
  • Work with prosecutors on a plea deal if needed.
  • Aggressively advocate for you and your interests throughout the process.
  • Create a trial strategy, gather evidence, and represent you at trial.

Investment and securities fraud are serious charges with massive consequences for your future. If you’ve been accused, don’t talk to the police, investigators, or anyone else before consulting with a defense lawyer. A defense lawyer will help you take the right steps to protect yourself and your assets into the future.

Experienced Investment and Fraud Attorneys

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If you have been charged with investment or securities fraud, make sure you’re getting the best defense lawyer you can. At Wyatt Law Office, we can handle every aspect of your case from investigation and negotiation to representing you in court. We offer experience, service, and skill to our clients. If you’ve been charged with a crime, contact us today.

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