For most criminal defense matters, we represent the client on a fixed fee basis. That means that a specific amount will be set and charged as the attorney’s fee for the entire case. The fee is determined in part on the nature of the crime charged, the range of punishment, complexity of the case, the number of hours anticipated, the degree of expertise required, the experience, reputation and ability of the attorney, the lost opportunity costs, timing of the representation and time constraints imposed by the court or client, location of the court proceedings (in or out of Oklahoma County) and many other factors as negotiated by the parties. In addition to the attorney’s fee, the firm may also charge any expenses incurred such as travel and lodging, photocopying, expert witnesses, transcripts, court reporters, investigators, and other out-of-pocket expenses.

There are some cases (both civil and/or criminal) where an “hourly” fee is more appropriate. In some “white collar” criminal investigations, it may be impossible to anticipate the amount of time involved; therefore, the fee may be either “fixed” or “hourly” as negotiated or a hybrid fee such a a base fee plus an hourly rate.

In some civil cases, we represent the client on a contingency fee, meaning the lawyers get a percentage of the recovery. (Note:  contingency fees are not permitted in criminal cases.)  In other cases, we may charge a “hybrid” fee (part contingency with an hourly kicker). Depending on the type of action, the fee may or may not include “advance payment” of litigation expenses by the lawyers or the clients.

We look forward to reviewing your case and representing you, your family member, your friend or your company.


Because of problems with the credit card processing companies, the Wyatt Law Office is no longer accepting credit cards after November 30, 2010. We apologize for any inconvenience.  You may still be able to use a credit card by processing a “credit card check” or by processing the charge at your bank as a cash transaction. Call us to see if we can assist you in making a payment with a credit card or credit card check.